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What A Good Tempered Glass Screen Protector is?

Author:Fiona Fang Publish Time:February 20,2017 Origin:Site

  As we all know, there are various brands in tempered glass screen protectors, price ranges pretty lots, lowest can be 0.1USD/PC, highest can reach 25USD/PC. Why the prices has such big difference? Of course quality decide everythings, not including the brand value, distribution channel....

  However, choosing a good tempered glass screen guard protector is not easy, there’s so many different kinds of so-called “high quality tempered glass”, some of them is not tempered at all, some is not good quality and easily broken if dropped or scratched. Therefore, I am writing this article to share what is a good iPhone/Samsung Screen Tempered Glass:

1. Is it tough enough?

Glass material and tempered time decide its hardness. For the material, normally we are unable to tell by our eyes except with the help of specialized machine. Here is a easy way to test it:

Just bend it, and you’ll find that it’s easily get broken. Don’t worry about it, it happens no matter how good quality the tempered glass is, glass is glass, However, the bad quality tempered glass would break and looks more like pieces by pieces as shown by right picture, while a good quality tempered glass breaks and looks like net, you can find so many lines no it, which means better structure to anti-breaks.

2. Is it smooth enough?

For a customer, the second basic point of a screen protector is keeping the original feel of their screen. So whether the touching is smooth is very important for an iPhone user. Anti-finger print is easily understanding as well, leaving finger printing is very confuing, and a good tempered glass could avoid that. The key factor of these two specs is the concentrations of the fingerprint oil. Again, easiest way for testing:

Drop a water on the glass screen guardz, check the shape of the water. If the water is very round, also leave no water mark while leaning your phone, then congratulate, you got a great tempered glass screen protector. Let's check the left one, the drops are not in round shape, touching is not so smooth in the same time.

  That’s 2 easy ways to test a good tempered glass, but it doesn’t mean the only ways. A good tempered glass shows many features, means better quality, better protection and reputation which just cost reasonable. With so many options available, Of course everyone has a budget, not everyone need or would like to pay too much on a tempered glass screen protection for their device.

  Different markets decide different prices and quality, we are willing to offer you a reliable quality at a fair price, makes you become very competitive in your market, what's more, we are able to offer you a hassle free replacement.

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